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Writing // SEO // Strategy

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My focus when writing business blogs is to align with the brand and establish a brand voice, understand buyer personas and create valuable content for them, and establish trust by being an industry expert and ultimately an industry influencer. An effective business blog requires an incredible amount of research, a deep understanding of SEO and ultimately the talent of a great marketer.

Due to my excellent research skills, I’m able to write intelligibly about industries I’m unfamiliar with. Providing high quality content is important to me both for my own moral reasons (the internet doesn’t need to be filled with more useless junk) and for business reasons (the internet doesn’t need to be filled with more useless junk). Guiding me are white-hat practices in which quality content is good for SEO (Google’s business depends on delivering relevant search results).

Within this realm, a blog and website work together to drive traffic and convert customers. When writing blogs for business, I constantly seek to ask myself high quality questions: How is what I’m writing helping the business and its customers? Am I in-line with who they are and what they do? Do I know what I’m talking about? I only write after I’m confident in my answers. Beyond that I experiment with the creative side and enjoy experimenting with headlines and engaging with commenters.

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Branding // Simplification

Events are fun. They are a microcosm of an entire company, service or product; an ultimate test of simplification and branding. I’ve organized and helped with multiple large scale events and trade shows. Copywriting is an integral part of an event, including event websites, registrations, pre and post event email campaigns, flyers and social media. The keys to an event are engagement and follow-up; not merely handing out free stuff.



Writing // Promotion // Call-to-Action

Don’t…be…annoying. We all get way too many emails! When writing for email marketing I focus on quality, usefulness, entertainment and interesting content. Keeping a reader engaged, willing to take action, and away from unsubscribing are all part of the exciting challenge.



Strategy // Branding

The website is often the first or second interaction a consumer has with a business. It’s a first impression. It’s extremely important! Frequent updates are essential but first and foremost the website must consist of succinct and helpful information laid out in an easy-to-use way. Simplicity is better.

My goal is to provide as much value as possible on a website while keeping the audience engaged and distinguishing the brand. One of my favorite tactics is to collaborate with a company’s departments to first establish a buyer persona and then determine consumer FAQs and their respective answers. I weave this information into the web copy thereby increasing the company’s internal efficiencies as well as eliciting consumer trust. This is especially important for service oriented businesses as consumer questions and target audiences are oftentimes less than obvious.



Big Picture // Creative // Strategic

Branding is in mind with everything I do as a copywriter. Creating a brand is a large undertaking–consistency, alignment, growing room and transparency are key. Rebranding is that much more complex–how to create essentially a new company without losing the current customer base? (Unless you want a new customer base, which is, of course a different story.) My job as a copywriter is to align myself with a brand, however, it was my experience in rebranding that taught me about branding through and through. I include examples of rebranding, aligning with an established brand, and brand development below.