Community Auto

This was a rebranding effort gone terribly right. Without attention, brands become archaic, and the result is a frog in boiling water scenario. Community Automotive Service Center -> Community Auto. Outdated -> Modern. And thank God we did it, because a couple years later one of the hippest farm-to-table, bearded coffee house, yoga+beer community developments went up across the street. Success.


A Happy Car Will Get You Far™

A strike of genius, frankly. After working with a design company and deciding on this logo and tagline, I one-upped them with a new tagline. The old one is being phased out; I just wish we hadn’t paid for it.

Office Remodel

All of the bits that go into a rebranding effort… what fun!

Crew & Culture

Our hiring and recruiting process changed, our look and image; our thoughts about who we are and what we have to offer… A lot more inviting now, don’t you think? Check out the slideshow to see the transformation.

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Restaurant Solutions

This company was larger (~200 people, nationally), with an established brand less open to influence. Being an instrumental part of the Marketing Team meant understanding the brand on the deepest level and aligning myself with it. Every social media post, every event, everything I said and did, was in perfect alignment. 🙂 While I love taking part in brand creation, this was an excellent lesson in consistency and alignment.

Live Beyond Limit

A look into how my brain works: LBL was a newly opened yoga studio in need of clarity. What do people seek from a yoga studio? Community. I let them know that and now the company lives by it. It seems to be working well for them.

Quality Branded

I was a server; a waitress. Why do I include this here? They taught me about branding. From the creator of TGI Fridays, you get Smith & Wollensky, Quality Meats, Four Seasons and Quality Italian. Yum. It was an incredible experience working for some of the most successful New York City restaurants.